Meet T-Quest: A Force to be Reckoned with in Entertainment and Business

Meet T-Quest, an ambitious entrepreneur who has taken her talents from the heart Connecticut all the way to the sunny shores of Florida. She’s not just any entrepreneur, but a voiceover goddess, a sparkling host, and the ultimate entertainer. Her fans have lovingly christened her as “The Voice” of the industry, a testament to her mesmerizing, hypnotic vibe that leaves everyone spellbound.

The T-Quest Show: More Than Just A Radio Program

Her charisma can be felt radiating from the airwaves when she hosts ‘The T-Quest Show’ with DJ ILL NINO. This is not just a show, but a sensation that has spread its wings across more than 20 radio stations and streaming platforms. And that’s not all! As a journalist, T-Quest has the knack for weaving words in a captivating manner, penning intriguing pieces for Straight Official Magazine, Apex Couture Magazine, and The Quest Effect Magazine.

Gotta Love Me Radio and More: T-Quest’s Business Ventures

But wait, there’s more to T-Quest than just her mesmerizing voice and word wizardry! She’s a shrewd businesswoman, co-owning a series of radio stations, including the ever-popular Gotta Love Me Radio and the newly launched WQRB RNB Radio. Beyond her ventures in radio, she also owns The GLM Collection – a unique blend of music, clothing, and cosmetics that embodies her eclectic style. Need some graphic magic? T-Quest has you covered with GLM Designs, a venture she co-owns, ready to cater to all your graphic needs.

Experiencing the T-Quest Phenomenon

On stage, T-Quest is a force of nature. Her music—written entirely by her—is a lively blend of originality and creativity. Her stage presence is electrifying, leaving audiences always craving for more of her hypnotic performances. It’s a T-Quest phenomenon, and once you experience it, there’s no going back!

Stay Connected With T-Quest

Can’t get enough of T-Quest? Then it’s time to join her world. Download The T-Quest App from your Google Play store or Apple store, and follow her on all streaming platforms at @TQuestGLM. For more about T-Quest, head to her website at So, are you ready to experience the incredible world of T-Quest?


Writer for Straight Official Magazine

Writer for Apex Coture Magazine

Senior Editor for Ryder Magazine